Minority Subcontractor & Workforce Compliance

Effectively communicating the metrics (M/WBE, Subcontractor, Workforce, Certified Payroll or Prevailing Wages) that define success in compliance tracking and reporting programs is paramount in demonstrating your firm’s commitment to equity. Not delivering on these requirements is no longer an option and penalties for non-compliance can be devastating. Montage helps our clients to reduce risk and meet compliance requirements for supplier diversity, EOP and other mandated requirements on their projects. Our compliance software tools effectively gather and report targeted objectives to local, state or federal entities. The result, a business culture of inclusion that has the potential to transform your bottom line!


Equity in contracting remains the primary gaol as we assist clients to navigate the complex process of tracking, analysing and reporting important participation and compliance requirements on major construction project. Our Compliance managers will work with your organization to develop and execute a data collection, analysis and reporting process that meets and exceeds your goals.  

We provide tracking, analysis and reporting on the following compliance requirements:

  • Equal Opportunity Plans (EOP)
  • SBA/ Federal Diversity Requirements
  • State W/MBE Subcontractor Tracking & Reporting
  • Local/ Municipal W/MBE Subcontractor Tracking & Reporting
  • Workforce/ Certified Payroll/ Prevailing Wages Tracking & Reporting
  • W/MBE Outreach



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