Supplier Diversity Services


Achieving equity in your organization’s supply chain should translate to efficiency, productivity and must align to the core values of the enterprise. Montage assists our clients in identifying challenges that may impact their business and then work to develop strategic actions to eliminate those obstacles. By creating opportunities for engagement, as well as processes for sustaining supplier diversity practices throughout the organization, Montage develops successful partnerships with diverse, certified firms that meet and exceed your enterprise’s supplier diversity goals.


In education, corporate and government arenas today, equity, bias and cultural competence have been important concerns for leadership and all levels of stakeholders. At Montage, we believe that there is strength in difference. Varied perspectives and approaches yield creativity and innovation. Our custom diversity training engagements are designed to address equity-based issues facing your business or institution while limiting the impact of bias on your people and the enterprise.

Our Training Offerings Include:

  • Cultural Competence Training
  • Implicit Bias Training
  • Team Building
  • Diversity & Inclusion Training
  • Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Training


Montage's personal, group and organizational assessments help participants to look closely at where they are, in order to see where they need to go. At Montage, we design custom assessments that explore the overall organizational culture and create strategies for meeting those needs.


Our EI Modeling compiles and assesses direct, indirect and induced impacts of a particular intervention. In the case of Supplier Diversity, the intervention is a company's actual spend with diverse suppliers. The direct impacts are quantified by the spend with those suppliers. The indirect and induced effects of diversity spend encompasses growth in employment, income of workers, taxes collected by all levels of government, improvements in the community where the spend takes place. Additionally increases in consumption and other economic activity also contribute to EI.



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