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D&I Consulting

Our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Consulting services are designed to help organizations transform! D&I is a change management initiative and it should be approached as such. As a result of this philosophy, Montage Diversity aligns our consultants with your organization’s leadership to ensure that the vision, mission and goals of the organization are in line with D&I consulting and training initiatives.

Supplier Diversity

Montage assists clients in identifying trends and or obstacles that may affect their business and then develop a plan to eliminate those obstacles by creating and growing successful partnerships with Women/ Minority Business Enterprises (W/MBE).

Diversity & Inclusion Compliance (Construction)

Montage helps construction firms, corporations and institutions reduce risk and increase compliance as they track and report supplier diversity and EOP requirements on their projects. The result: a business culture of inclusion that has the potential to transform your bottom line! 


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