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Montage Diversity Consultants, LLC honored as 2018 M/WBE of the Year in Palm Beach County, Florida!

Montage Diversity Consultants, LLC would like to thank the Palm Beach Matchmakers, Palm Beach School District and the county of Palm Beach for the honor of being selected as the '2018 M/WBE of the year' in Palm Beach County. We are particularly proud as it marks the second time in 3 years that Montage has earned this honor.

Over the past 10 years, Montage Diversity and Montage Education has served Palm Beach County by addressing areas of diversity and inclusion and education/technology equity. We vow to continue to deliver our services with passion and grace!

The Minority/Women Owned Business Of the Year award is the highest award presented to a certified minority/woman-owned business. The M/WBE of the year must have distinguished itself with a solid bottom line, innovative management and a strategic and energetic approach to future growth. The winner of the M/WBE of the Year award consistently provides quality products and services. Additionally, the business should demonstrate a concerted effort in striving to “give back” to other certified M/WBEs and the community. The winner is chosen based on the amount of business they do, performance involving quality in the delivery of products/services and participation and support of community activities.


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